It is possible to subscribe a cancellation insurance from our partner "Gritchen Affinity" with Covid extension (see conditions and guarantees).

Receipt of the contract within 12h following the subscription.

As a reminder, please find below the cancellation conditions of KON TIKI :

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The Client is reminded that he/she has no right of cancellation as set out in article L. 221-8 of the French Consumer Code, and in accordance with Article L. 221-28 paragraph 12 of the French Consumer Code which excludes this right for contracts concerning the provision of accommodation services, which must be provided on a date or for a specified period.


Where the cancellation is initiated by the Provider, except in situations of force majeure, the Service will be reimbursed by bank transfer, within 60 days of the cancellation date by the Provider. This cancellation shall not give rise to the payment of damages.

However, on the condition that the applicable legislation permits, the establishment reserves the right to reimburse the Client in another form, namely a voucher.


Remember that any cancellation must be notified to the Provider by email or by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt. Where an email is sent as notification, for it to be effective the Provider must acknowledge its receipt.

For the Client to make any cancellation, it is important to refer to the specific conditions that are applicable.  They are given, prior to the completion of a booking when a particular offer is selected.

For any cancellation by the Client, it is advisable to refer to the special conditions specific to the Client. These are indicated prior to your final booking when you select the offer you have chosen.

  • For the Liberty offer, valid throughout the season, except for short stays taking place only on weekends (nights of Friday evenings and/or Saturday evenings as well as from 15/04/2022 to 18/04/2022; from 25/05/2022 to 29/05/2022; from 03/06/2022 to 06/06/2022):
    • Cancellation without charge and without justification is possible more than 14 (fourteen) days before your arrival.
    • From the 14th (fourteenth) day before your arrival until the day before your arrival, the cancellation without charge is conditional on one of the exceptions allowed by COVID-19 and on the presence of the appropriate proof. This proof must also be provided for each of the participants included in the reservation.
    • Cancellation on the day of arrival will not result in any refund from Kon Tiki. Please refer to https: /Informations/Termes-Conditions  for more details.
  • Regarding the standard offer. These are those that are not specifically named at the time of booking.
    • If the cancellation is made more than 45 (forty-five) days before the start of the stay, all the sums paid will be refunded, minus a €40 cancellation fee (forty euros) retained by our establishment.
    • If the cancellation occurs between the 44th (forty-fourth) day and the 30th (thirty) day before the start of the stay, 25% (twenty-five percent) of the total amount of the service is retained by our establishment.The total amount paid is retained if the cancellation occurs after the 30th (thirtieth) day before the start of the stay.

When reimbursement is due for a cancellation initiated by the Client and not in a force majeure situation, the company will send the refund by bank transfer to the Client within 60 days from the date of the cancellation. However, on the condition that the applicable legislation permits, the company reserves the right to reimburse the Client in another form, namely a voucher.

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