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General terms & conditions e-check-in (pre-check-in)


For a smooth arrival at LES PRAIRIES DE LA MER resort, we offer the possibility to do an online pre-check-in (called eCheck-In).

PLEASE NOTE: When using eCheck-In, you still have to come to the reception.
The eCheck-In is there to save time by reducing the necessary formalities and information to provide on arrival. However, this does not mean you can skip the check-in at reception. This gives us the opportunity to offer you a warm and personal welcome!

Informations to provide and check

We invite the person who made the reservation to go to “MY ACCOUNT” in order to provide and check the following information:

  • Title , name, first name and date of birth of all travel companions during the stay
  • E-mail and phone number of the primary contact
  • Full address of the primary contact
  • License number, colour and brand of the vehicle or vehicles
  • The choice of additional services, if applicable
  • Payment of the balance, if outstanding
  • Message or comment addressed to our teams

Confirm your eCheck-in (pre-check-in)

In order for your eCheck-In to be processed by our services and consequently to be made effective, you must tick the box: “I confirm that I have taken note of the general terms and conditions related to the pre-check-in” as well as the box: “I confirm that all the information provided is true and correct and that I want to add the selected services“.


Customer's consent

Ticking the abovementioned first box implies full acceptance and adherence to the present terms and conditions. Furthermore, ticking the abovementioned second box certifies that the information provided is true and accurate.

Kon Tiki is delighted to welcome you until the 1st November 2020.

Reservations for the 2021 season:
on Prairies de la Mer and Toison d’Or are open from 23rd November 2020.
on Kon Tiki are open from 7th December 2020.

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