At Riviera Villages,

The most important thing is you!

All of our highly trained teams are at your disposal. They use their experience to meet your needs and make sure that your stay is a tailor-made experience to remember. Personalised welcome, concierge service, entertainment, security, valet parking, numerous amenities and activities... from the moment you arrive, nothing is left to chance, so that your stay is perfectly adapted to your pace and desires.

Villages in harmony

Riviera Villages is three welcoming holiday villages, three destinations in harmony with the exceptional settings that surround them, where you can enjoy authenticity and rediscover the taste of freedom!
These three establishments each have a unique atmosphere and tell their own story. This means that you are sure to share an exceptional trip with family or friends.
Our establishments are also up to date on the latest trends in activities, accommodations and intelligent use of technology, with the goal of offering you the most flexibility and comfort possible.

Riviera Villages is the quintessence of Saint-Tropez: charm, elegance, refinement and the French art of living, a culture of luxury and expertise. Quality hospitality anchored in the DNA of this legendary city and reproduced in each of our villages.


The joy of spending time together

At Riviera Villages, hospitality is a subtle balance in the service of your well-being: quality service, refined atmosphere, activities, facilities, dining, and more. This combination is our true inherited spirit of hospitality, which is first and foremost being open to the world and advocating living together. We want to emphasize this culture of sharing during every instant of your stay with us, immersing you in the Riviera Villages experience.

Our teams are guided by values such as audacity, commitment, simplicity and pleasure.

Creating experiences

What drives us? Your well-being and satisfaction.

All of our amenities are tailored to your needs, to rise to your most diverse expectations. Concierge, entertainment, security, mobile application, valet parking... from the moment you arrive, nothing is left to chance and our teams will be by your side throughout your stay. They will get to know your tastes and your favourite activities, suggesting the best options and anticipating your needs.

All of our activities are available à la carte to fit your desires. They are opportunities to make new friends, discuss and share ideas.

Our mobile application

Our mobile application also allows you to enjoy the best of Riviera Villages. Easily manage your arrival via our e-checkin, reservations and all practical information. Don't worry about anything. All you have to do is let yourself be carried away by the Tropezian way of life and the daily search for pleasure.


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