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Bravade of Saint Tropez

For more than 450 years, every year from May 16 to 18, the Bravado de Saint-Tropez (bravado meaning "bravery"), patronal feast, celebrates Saint Torpes, high dignitary of the house of Nero who, in 68 AD, refusing to abjure Christianity, was decapitated. His body was thrown on a boat that arrived on the shores of the city. Discovered by a Roman matron, it was hidden by the Christians, who made this martyr the patron saint of the city.
The Bravade also celebrates the defense of the city, on which it was necessary to watch day and night. Saint-Tropez celebrates its glorious military past which, for 150 years, saw the sailors, fishermen or privateers of Saint-Tropez repel all the attacks coming from land as from sea. The local population there today celebrates its identity preserved before the invasions of the 'summer.
On this occasion, Saint-Tropez is adorned with white and red, the colors of the corsairs. A city captain is elected. The statue of the saint travels the city in procession. Archaic petrels and other blunderbusses make the powder speak. The city is adorned with red and white, the colors of the corsairs.
It is one of the oldest provençal traditions. Its origin dates back to the thirteenth century, but it is in 1558 that we find the first descriptions May 16 to 18, 2019

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The Bravade Saint - Tropez is an old provincial tradition.