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Gorges du Verdon

Discover the sites and villages of the Gorges du Verdon A UNIQUE NATURAL SITE IN EUROPE!

This spectacular canyon is the result of the erosion of the limestone which takes its source near Allos in the Massif des Trois Évêchés. The 50-km gorge stretches from Castellane to St. Croix Lake, reaching 700 meters in depth.

The third largest lake in France covers an area of 2,200 hectares (10 kilometers long and 2 wide). The dam, built at the entrance to the gorges near Baudinard, holds 760 million cubic meters of water and produces more than 150 million kWh per year.


It supplies power to the towns nearby. It is also a major tourist hub, and offers a privileged space for swimming, the boat (electric only), the pedal boat or the canoe-kayak.

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Gorges de Verdon