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The Coq-Cogolin Festival

Legend has it that the name "Cogolin" comes from a legend, linked to Saint-Tropez. The Saint-Torpes, would have been decapitated and put on a boat with a dog and a rooster. The boat docked in Saint-Tropez (hence the name) and the cock flew to land in a field of flax, a few kilometers away. Thus was born "Coq au lin", or rather Cogolin. Since the rooster is the emblem of the city. The traditional rooster party takes place every year at the beginning of September.


Bravades - Saint Tropez

The city of Saint-Tropez sees, each year for more than 450 years, its inhabitants in arms take their uniforms of soldiers and sailors and sound the blunderbusses and rifles in honor of Saint, as at the time when they went to fight.

Processions take place in the village during bravado, combining tradition and culture of the village.

It is organized every year in May.

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