Kon Tiki

The New look of Pampelonne

A sand dune in front of Kon Tiki and Toison d’Or

To protect Pampelonne beach from the effects of erosion due to climate change, a European directive obliges member states to protect their coasts. It is for this reason that the French state is protecting its beach coast by creating dunes to fix the sand with different species of plants from the region’s natural environments....

From this 2020 season, you will find this sand dune in front of the Kon Tiki and the Toison d’Or, among other things.

This one will be complemented by various vegetation to give back to Pampelonne its wild aspect of the 1950s....

We hope you will appreciate the efforts of the state and the municipality to restore Pampelonne to its original splendour.

You can find photos of the progress of this development throughout the winter, and until the opening of the Kon Tiki in April 2020, on our website.