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Information COVID19

For customers with bookings before 13 June 2020:

To meet your needs and give you some peace of mind, we relaxed our cancellation policy and made it easier to postpone your stay. 

  • For all reservations that had to be cancelled before our opening date, we will issue a voucher in the amount of the sum you have already paid. This credit is valid for 18 months from cancellation date and will allow you to make a new booking.
  • Because of the exceptional circumstances, all reservations, even those that are non-cancellable and non-reschedulable, can be modified. 
  • Those customers preferring to reschedule their stay to a later date in 2020 will be offered a 10% discount. We do everything we can to adapt to the circumstances, and hope we can offer you some flexibility this way. As soon as you will receive your voucher via e-mail, you will be able to make your reservation. Our agents will be available to help you plan your next holiday.

Please contact our reservation agents via the e-mail addresses below. Together we will find the
best possible solution:

We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience in these special circumstances.




With respect to the developments related to the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic, we provide answers to some questions you might have concerning your booking or holiday plans. This information will be updated on a daily basis, based on further developments and measures communicated by the French authorities. Please rest assured that the health and safety of our guests, staff and partners is our number one priority.
At the moment we do everything we can to help you prepare your holiday and making sure everything is ready for your stay as soon as the situation permits.


• Can I cancel my reservation?

For bookings between 01/05/2020 and 13/06/2020 we offer you cancellation with a voucher. The French government has taken exceptional measures that give tourism businesses special autorisation to issue vouchers for stays that have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 crisis. We are aware of the inconvenience caused. However, we are facing extraordinary
circumstances, requiring exceptional measures. We will issue a voucher in the amount of the total sum you have already paid. This credit is valid for 18 months from cancellation date and will allow you to make a new booking on a date of your


• What are the cancellation terms?

In these exceptional circumstances, we will issue vouchers for cancelled stays between 01/05/2020 and 13/06/2020. The credit will be in the amount already paid (with a deduction made for cancellation insurance fees for bookings at Kon Tiki or Toison d’Or). This credit, valid for 18 months, gives you the opportunity to make a new booking of your choice. We will give you a 10% discount on your new booking. We do everything we can to adapt to the circumstances, and hope we can offer you some flexibility this way.
As soon as you will receive your voucher via e-mail, you will be able to make your reservation through our reservation agents. Do not worry in case your new holiday is cheaper. For the balance we will issue a voucher you can exchange to your choice.


• I’ve already booked. Is it possible to postpone my stay?
Rescheduling is possible for al stays with an arrival before 13th June 2020. Customers who prefer to reschedule will be offered a 10% discount on their next stay in 2020. In order to make these modifications, please contact us directly.



We receive many inquiries at the moment, but we do everything to get back to you as quickly as possible. We thank you for your patience and comprehension.


• Why is it that the General terms and conditions on your website no longer apply?
In this unprecedented situation the French government has taken exceptional measures. As a consequence, the cancellations conditions prevail over our usual General terms and conditions (ordinance nr. 2020-315 from 25 March 2020). For all reservations cancelled before our opening date, Riviera Villages issues a voucher for the amount already paid. This credit, valid for 18 months, gives you the opportunity to make a new booking.


• I took out a cancellation insurance during my booking at KON TIKI / TOISON d'OR. Can I cancel my booking and get my money back?
Epidemics are stated as excluded reasons for cancellation in the insurance policy. As a consequence, cancellation because of the COVID-19 epidemic will not be covered by the insurance. In this case, we offer cancellation with a voucher. The credit corresponds to the amount already paid (insurance fee deducted) and is valid 18 months from the cancellation of your reservation. This voucher gives you the opportunity to make a new booking on the date of your choice.

If the reason of your cancellation is not related to COVID-19, your Gritchen insurance policy will be applicable (insurance policy).